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Buy A Business From Us

Let us know what you're looking for:

  • Revenue

  • Price

  • Industries

  • Location

  • Other criteria

We'll keep you informed as opportunities come up.

Or Run One Of Our Companies

If you want to partner with us:

  • We buy the businesses

  • You work into ownership of the company

  • We are your business partner and weigh in on decisions

  • You have access to us and our resources

  • We groom/teach you to be successful

What Does The Partnership Process Look Like?

  • We select the candidate that is the best match for the company.

  • We work with you to streamline and optimize the business.

  • You get some equity after a probationary period.

  • As you stay longer, you get more equity.

  • We divide the profits from the company in proportion to ownership.

Apply For Our Meritorious Business Ownership Program

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