Sharper Steel Legacy

Economic Development

Through Small Business Succession

Exiting Business Owner

New Local Talent

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Helping Exiting Business Owners:

  • Grow and prepare businesses to sell

  • Sell businesses - Traditional/Non-traditional

  • Locate/groom key individuals for succession

  • Train children for business takeover

  • Secure a retirement from their business

  • Manage lengthy transition periods

  • Keep their business & legacy alive

We Help The Seller

  • We ensure the business sale

  • We secure their retirement

  • We keep their legacy alive

We Help The Buyer

  • We make the process affordable

  • We give them better opportunities

  • We groom/train them to grow

How Does It Work?


Sharper Steel Legacy buys businesses from Baby Boomers who are looking to sell/retire. We partner with local university graduates to take over the companies.

As equity partners in the business, we groom the new owner to manage the company. 
The business stays in business, and the local talent stays local.

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